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Default glitch in remove contents of selelection

I really dont know if this is a bug, but I tried posting my problem a couple times in other areas of forum and there really wasn't much response. I have spent a long time searching the forums and went the the Up and Running from beginning to end and cannot find the issue.

The most descriptive post is:


Heres the general description of problem

I have a project that has a mixture of audio and midi, the midi is for BFD, a Bass synth, and another synth.
I am trying to remove a section of the song (actually I want to remove a couple secions if I can make it work).
What is the best way to just remove a secion of a song. I dont want to remove it and leave space, I want to remove it as if I had never had the bright idea of playing that section for 8 measures.

I have a few tempo changes and time signiture changes. The only way I've found in the menues to attempt this is to select a section on the main window, and right click and select "remove contents of selection (moving later items)". But when I do this, the timing of the midi tracks are thrown off as soon as it hits the next tempo change.
Project files before the section cut and after section cut


After the cut the problem surfaces right at the 18:00:00 mark. You can see the midi editor on any of the midi tracks have a section of higher grid density in that measure, and the play curser just jumps right over that dense part of the grid. I can move the tempo marker to fix this small area but it ends up creating worse problems at the next tempo change.

I would think that everything after the cut section would just shift over "as-is" and there is none of this wierdness in the midi grid before cutting it.
Anyway, if anyone can take some time to look at it and help me figure out what is going on I appreciate. This is really driving me nuts.

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Default No feedback?

Well, I have abandoned trying to edit this project the way I had hoped for, and will move on. I am sure that there is either a glitch in my project file or with reaper because I get very erratic results by slightly changing the area I cut out (by shifting by just one measure as an example). There has been almost no response in any forum I posted this issue and Ive been trying to solve it for a couple weeks.

I would feel better about my purchase of the reaper license if I could get some kind of feedback. I guess this is probably an isolated incident.

On to the next project..
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