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Default midi soft takeover and sends/Absynth 5 problems

-Mac osx 10.6.8.
-Reaper v4.13/i386 rev 38e32c (Nov 21 2011).
-Absynth 5.1.0 (R1013)
-Akai LPD-8 midi controller.

Problem description :

Yesterday, in the 'actions' menu i assigned two of the selected track's send volumes to my lpd-8 (absolute mode and 'soft takeover' enabled). I press 'Run and close' in the 'actions' menu.
Whenever i try to control the two sends simultaneously, they get 'stuck' for a moment, and then move again. This repeats itself all the time. It doesn't happen when i adjust only one send at a time.

I also encountered something similar with Absynth 5.1.0 (R1013): move two or more macro controls. Wait a while, then move the macro controls again. They also get 'stuck' for a moment, and then move again.

Can anyone reproduce these problems?

Update: today i found a 'solution' to it: i disabled 'soft takeover',and all those problems didn't occur at all anymore. But this isn't ideal when dealing with absolute midi controls, especially in a live situation.
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