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Originally Posted by MatFluor View Post
Wow, thank you so much! What a changelog :-)
The Faders now work nicely, thanks! As a small suggestion or question - the Launchpad X has "fine adjustment" on the faders when you tap one button multiple times (3 or 4 levels I think) and the tapping on those level fade to that respective level as well - is this possible to implement?
It's totally usable and already nicely done - just as a suggestion maybe.

Love the new Delete/Duplicate mode!

Thanks for the update! I second that! Fine adjustement for launchpads would be awesome!

I'm still learning to use this awesome extension, and I have some questions for the lauchpad pro use if you can point me in the right direction :
1) Is it possible to change track color within launchpad pro?
2) Can we delete non quantized already existing notes in the sequencers ?
3) Is it possible to add tied notes in the poly sequencer ?
4) Is it be possible to toggle reaper's smooth seek option within launchpad ? I think it could be really handy to be able to.
5) Is it possible to stop playback with launchpad ? All I could find is play/pause

Little bug I noticed : Note repeat note lenght 1/16 and 1/32 work ok but don't light up in the good pads

Also, did you know about Gianni's Quantise JSFX ? It can quantize midi input in realtime ,although not perfect as you can't mute/unmute it without going out of sync.... I'm no programmer but maybe it could improve DrivenByMoss.

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