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Default Recorded takes being chopped up...and I've no idea why??

I've come back to Reaper after a while using Logic (as I mainly use Logic for writing due to the instruments).

This morning I was trying to record a vocal in Logic but it's so un-reliable....clicks and pops all over the place even when everything's frozen etc. I decided to run off some stems and carry on in Reaper as I've literally never had a problem recording in Reaper in the 11 years that I've been using it.


When doing vocal takes, the recorded items seem to be being sliced up in random places automatically and I can't figure out why its happening.

Here's a link to a screenshot...

As you can see, the white lines are splits.

This makes listening to whole takes a nightmare as I literally have to comp the take.

How do I stop this? ....it seemed to get worse once I tried punching in a time selection.

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I've noticed this too. I'd be interested to hear some answers.
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The only time it should split like that is if you keep starting the recording at different positions. Also, your take behavior settings look far from ideal and/or not the way I have them set up.

I would at minimum set the following:

1. Options > Takes > Show empty take lanes.
2. Preferences > Appearance > Peaks/Waveforms > Automatically color any recording pass that adds new takes..
3. Preferences > Appearance > Media > Display media item take name.
4. Preferences > Audio > Loop recording > discard incomplete first or last takes if at least one full loop was recorded (percentage) - dumps partial takes less than the percentage when looping. Not directly related but can be useful.
5. When using more than a handful of takes, use CTRL+T to collapse them, then T and SHIFT+T to cycle (#2 and #3 facilitate this). This is the most difficult to get someone to try, but objectively and literally, the cleanest and most efficient once used to it. All it does is place the takes front to back instead of top to bottom and is a lifesaver.

I think I'm forgetting ^one but in my setup, I never deal with what is in your image. As far as those white lines (not necessarily the splits) and how they look, I've never seen that (I have no ideas what those white lines are specifically) but the splits themselves and the mess it can be if not set up properly, I have seen.

You can solve a lot of it by making a selection and always starting/ending recording at the boundaries of the selection by enabling "time selection auto punch", however, without that there could be hundreds of splits and I wouldn't care because I can clean them up in a couple of click/drags when collapsed via CTRL+L which means I can be as messy as I want when recording.
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