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Default Quantize wierdness

So I've been trying to quantize some midi, and I can't get it to do so. I open the midi item, select all the relevant notes and hit the big 'Q' - when I choose 'commit' it automatically puts a tick in the 'bypass' box and I can't unselect it. Hitting OK doesn't seem to help either, so nothing happens.

On x64 Reaper on a Macbook.
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In addition to that, also make sure you quantize to the right grid division setting.
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Are you sure that it didn't just do it? AFAIK, the notes move to the quantize setting as soon as you open that window. Change the grid and you can watch them shift around. If you hit OK at this point, it runs almost like a plugin, non-destructively quantizing the notes. They should be right on the grid in the editor. If you then bypass the thing, they'll go back to where they started. The Commit button applies the quantization "destructively". It bypasses itself because at that point it's redundant. The notes are already permanently gridded. You can always Undo back, but bypass and unbypass should be the same thing.

I could be wrong, gonna go play with it and test my hypothesis...
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