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Default Frustrating issues with panning & a bus

Posting in newbieland for obvious reasons.

I have been trying to send two guitar tracks to a bus which has all the FX I'd like to apply to the two tracks. However, when I do this, I am unable to pan the guitars how I would like (hard pan left and right). I am only able to change the panning of the bus, rather than the two individual tracks I am sending it to. I'll attach a screenshot in order to show you my settings. Any help would be much appreciated

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Did you create those sends yourself? Since you are using a folder track as a buss, you do not need those sends (I don't think they are created automatically but I never really checked)

If you did create them, get rid of them.
Then you should be able to pan the child guitar tracks how you like and should hear/see the results in the Parent folder track.

Folder tracks handle all the routing needed automatically.

Good Luck
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Course, either way what comes out the folder will depend on how the effects on that track treat the stereo information. If they are all true separate dual mono, then they should come out hard panned as is, but some effects will sum the inputs and/or do other strange things so that the output doesn't necessarily represent the panning of the input.
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