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Default USB sound card, Windows 7 64bit and Reaper?

Hello! Long time no see!

I am trying to assemble a low cost, portable rig based on an old laptop. Running Windows 7 64.

Want a cheap (used?) USB soundcard.

Any recomendations for stuff that works? I was about to buy a Lexicon Alpha, but I hear that doesn't like Reaper (drivers dodgy?).

I know it's not an exact science, but anybody with a working setup like this that could chime in?

1 balanced input would be enough; don't need preamps or hi-z although either way is fine!


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I use a pod xt ( red kidney lol ) it works great . I am using it for recording guitar so it works out . It can record DI ( for use with plugs ) I usually mix then a second ( processed ) guitar track for some extra grit . Works great without any latency . As well seems to have much better performance that the other small usb devices I have used ie: lexicon alpha ,and maudio fast track .
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The ART Project MP works nicely with reaper and Win 7. Good price too.
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