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Default Drag'n'drop copy and overlaying MIDI items

I have two small issues I'd like to address...
1. Drag'n'drop copying seems broken to me. In almost any other environment (windows explorer, other progs) when i drag an item I can use the CTRL button (or other) to toggle wether I want to copy or move the item. That is, I don't have to press CTRL BEFORE dragging, I can do it while dragging. In Reaper I have to press CTRL before dragging if I want to copy an item. Pretty counter intuitive since virtually all other applications works the other way and you toggle copy/move before dropping, not dragging.

2. I've found it easy to accidentally have to midi items over each other. Usually happens when I've copied stuff with above method (or the half working duplicate macro from bevoss) so it's usually two instances of the same midi part overlayed. The problem is nothing visually tells me I have overlapping items so whenever that happens the only way to see is to move every single midi item, one at a time (if I drag select both items are selected) to another track to see if there's anything behind them.
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I agree with the first one, would love to be able to press ctrl whenever I want, about the second one you can use the Show Overlapping Media in Lanes in the Options Menu
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Yessss to #1! This behavior really drives me nuts.
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