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Default Help with noisy cable connection

I got this quite noticeable noise coming through my mic cable, though it is an XLR connection (with 48V fantom). It's like a low level static noise, together with what sounds like a highpass-filtered ground hum, which phases and fluctuates all the time.

But if I touch the casing of my soundcard, or just the metal casing of the XLR connector, then the noise slowly disappears (to at least 80%) over a 2-3 second fade out. I gotta touch the metal parts though. If I let go, boom the noise is back instantly.

I've made sure that the cable doesn't run close to any transformers, powercables, screens, Fluorescent lamps of any kind etc. And my soundcard is hooked up to the powergrid through a grounded outlet.

What is causing this BS?
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