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Default ITextControl and multiple lines

This is just a heads up to anyone that was using my IPlug additions. I had fixed the ITextControl in OSX so it could display multiple lines like the one in Windows can. Unfortunately the only way of doing this was to change the origin of the text so it was referenced to the top corner like the windows one (the current code draws relative to the bottom corner), so it is almost impossible to get it to exactly match the positioning of the version from Cockos.

So, I've decided to abandon this change and just use multiple ITextControls where I need to draw multiple lines.

If anyone else is using this feature (unlikely I know!) and wants to keep the multiline stuff working the lines to change are in IGraphicsMac:: DrawIText near the end, this is what it needs to be to draw relative to the top:

  NSRect r = { pR->L, pR->T-yAdj-1, pR->W(), pR->H() };
  [str drawWithRect:r options:  NSStringDrawingUsesLineFragmentOrigin
                                attributes: mTxtAttrs];
You may need to fiddle with the number following yAdj to get it to be in the same position as the windows one.
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