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Default Typo/bug in denormal.h

I happened to spy these two lines in denormal.h:

#define WDL_DENORMAL_DOUBLE_HW(a) (((const WDL_DenormalDoubleAccess*)(a))->w.hw)
#define WDL_DENORMAL_DOUBLE_LW(a) (((const WDL_DenormalDoubleAccess*)(a))->w.hw)
Obviously the second line should read:

#define WDL_DENORMAL_DOUBLE_LW(a) (((const WDL_DenormalDoubleAccess*)(a))->w.lw)
There is another set of almost identical lines with the same problem.

Fortunately this doesn't affect the denormal code, because it only uses the high word, but it does cause GetDoubleMaxAbsValue() to not work as intended.

I have fixed this (see my Git repository). I have also added a couple of macros and moved some existing code into them, so one can now use WDL_DENORMAL_OR_ZERO_DOUBLE(&a) from a plug-in to test if a value could be a denormal. (If anyone would like to cherry pick this fix/update: You will need to cherry pick two seperate commits, because I didn't get it right the first time. Sorry!)
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