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Default ditching carbon

I have been experimenting with removing IGraphicsCarbon from IPlug and using a cocoa child window in carbon hosts (e.g. all 32bit vst hosts except reaper + some audiounit hosts).

The benefits are:

- more consistent text entry text rendering across hosts on osx
- better looking & much more flexible text entry via NSTextField
- less code to maintain in iPlug
- possibly easier window resizing
- nicer gui behaviour in non-composited carbon hosts (hopefully)

The downside is that it doesn't work correctly in all hosts (at the moment) - the gui window does not seem to be positioned correctly in some - I've seen similar problems with juce plugins which do this. I have tried using 32bit vst within Live, MaxMSP4 (non-composited carbon) MaxMSP5 (composited carbon) and it works well. I use the same method for RTAS and it works well. It doesn't work for vst in sample manager, and audiomulch. Also I have problems with AUs that use carbon windows.

Not sure if it is worth the effort, but it annoys me a bit that my text-entries look crap in carbon and i want to start filtering the text input with NSFormatter etc. You can call it in IGraphicsMac::OpenWindow(void* pWindow, void* pControl) which gets triggered in carbon hosts.

here is the code for attaching / removing the window if anyone is interested - it goes in

@interface CUSTOM_COCOA_WINDOW : NSWindow {}

@implementation CUSTOM_COCOA_WINDOW
- (BOOL)canBecomeKeyWindow {return YES;}

void* attachSubWindow (void* hostWindowRef, IGraphics* pGraphics)
  CocoaAutoReleasePool pool;
  NSWindow* hostWindow = [[NSWindow alloc] initWithWindowRef: hostWindowRef];
  [hostWindow retain];
  [hostWindow setCanHide: YES];
  [hostWindow setReleasedWhenClosed: YES];
  NSRect w = [hostWindow frame];
  NSRect windowRect = NSMakeRect(w.origin.x, w.origin.y, pGraphics->Width(), pGraphics->Height());
  CUSTOM_COCOA_WINDOW *childWindow = [[CUSTOM_COCOA_WINDOW alloc] initWithContentRect:windowRect 
                                                      styleMask:( NSBorderlessWindowMask ) 
                                                        backing:NSBackingStoreBuffered defer:NO];
  [childWindow retain];
  [childWindow setOpaque:YES];
  [childWindow setCanHide: YES];
  [childWindow setHasShadow: NO];
  [childWindow setReleasedWhenClosed: YES];
  NSView* childContent = [childWindow contentView];
  [hostWindow addChildWindow: childWindow ordered: NSWindowAbove];
  [hostWindow orderFront: nil];
  [childWindow orderFront: nil];
  return (void*) hostWindow;

void removeSubWindow (void* cocoaHostWindow, IGraphics* pGraphics)
  CocoaAutoReleasePool pool;
  NSWindow* hostWindow = (NSWindow*) cocoaHostWindow;
  NSArray* childWindows = [hostWindow childWindows];
  NSWindow* childWindow = [childWindows objectAtIndex:0]; // todo: check it is allways the only child
  [childWindow orderOut:nil];
  [hostWindow orderOut:nil];
  [childWindow close];
  [hostWindow removeChildWindow: childWindow];
  [hostWindow close];
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