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Default Threading etc.

So I am trying to get my head around the threading implications of IPlug, with a view to one day implementing some kind of non-blocking mechanism.

thinking aloud...

IPlugBase::mMutex is locked...

- during MyPlugin::ProcessDoubleReplacing()
- during MyPlugin::OnParamChange()
- during MyPlugin::Reset()

- whenever IPlugBase::SetParameterFromGUI() is called as a result of a call to IControl::SetDirty(true), i.e. whenever you interact with a control.

- (also behind the scenes when saving/restoring state) IPlugBase::SerializeParams() etc

IGraphics::mMutex is never locked at the moment since all the locking calls are commented out in the IGraphics methods.

I expect that the calls to IGraphics::SetControlFromPlug() and IGraphics::SetParameterFromPlug() from MyPlugin::ProcessDoubleReplacing() (or calls to IGraphics::HideControl() from MyPlugin::OnParamChange() ) are perhaps atomic on many machines(not sure about this). I guess Schwa decided it wasn't necessary to lock IGraphics::mMutex in order to prevent IGraphics:: Draw() trying to access data that was simultaneously being written by the processing thread. However, I suppose that if you want to share a larger chunk of data between audio and gui threads, it will be necessary for the IControl's Draw() method to obtain a lock on that data.

Whilst studying the IGraphics code I noticed IGraphics::SetParameterFromGUI() (as opposed to IPlugBase::SetParameterFromGUI() ) . Does anyone know what the following comment means?

// This is for when the gui needs to change a control value that it can't redraw 
// for context reasons.  If the gui has redrawn the control, use IPlug::SetParameterFromGUI.
what "context reasons". I don't think any of the stock IControls call IGraphics::SetParameterFromGUI()

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