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Default IPlug and Cubase LE on intel mac

Has anyone got IPlug working with Cubase LE on a mac? It's kind of old (not a UB), but they gave away a lot of copies with hardware, so I'd like to get it working.

At first it didn't find IPlug plugins at all, but I fixed that by looking how the vstsdk did things and adding this to the other VST exports:

#if defined __APPLE__ && defined __ppc__
    EXPORT void* main_macho (audioMasterCallback audioMaster) 
      return VSTPluginMain (audioMaster); 
Now it almost works, the only problem is that sometimes the gui comes up blank and doesn't redraw until you click on something. Also the close window button on the plugin doesn't work (you have to use the hide/show button in the VST instruments rack). The preset buttons under the plugin gui don't work either.

Any ideas? It's a bit hard to debug because I don't have an PPC mac, and the xcode debugger doesn't work with PPC apps.
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