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Default MIDI Problems with KORG nanoKontroll and Reaper

My Reaper studio have problem that Korg nanoKontroll2 sends all time "Midi channel 1 note 0" and then Midi learn cannot work. It takes note 0 all the time.
Have you help?

Know you how I can filter Reaper command midi commands?

Begin of video I Show how old Behringer midi controll and nanoKontroll works together. This is HUI. Another emulation does not work in reaper with nanocontroll.

In video time 1:00 is midi learn test and I take off USB midi cable and then red midi pulse is off in ReaperVU meters.

nanoKontroll have latest firmware 1.03.

I continued test with nanoKontroll CC mode with Reaper. It's problem again.

Now nanokontroll give two pulses that Solo or Mute or Record state in Reaper goes on and off only one press of a push button. and system does not work. Reaper midi learning "Absolute mode" eller "soft takeover mode" or another option does not help.

(But my old Behringer BCF 2000 works in HUI emulation perfect!)

But nanoKontroll 2 have problem all the time with Reaper.
Can you help.
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Have you tried configuring your buttons with the Nanokontrol EDITOR software by Korg? You might need to use that, to change the mappings for each button and knob/fader. Good luck!
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