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Default v6.73+dev1231 - December 31 2022

v6.73+dev1231 - December 31 2022
  • * Includes feature branch: routing matrix/track wiring input activity indicators
  • * Includes feature branch: preview item selection for grouped tracks
  • * Includes feature branch: VST3 per-channel silence reporting compatibility option
  • * Includes feature branch: better .RfxChain media explorer and clipboard integration
  • * Includes feature branch: ReaReaRea timestretch mode
  • * Includes feature branch: GR metering as embedded UI for third-party VSTs
  • * Includes feature branch: JSFX new features and EEL2 preprocessor
  • * Includes feature branch: render dialog statistics display improvements
  • * Includes feature branch: selected media item appearance changes
  • * Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
  • + JSFX/ReaScript IDEs: fix loss of X position when scrolling vertically in some instances [t=274248]
  • + Localization: improve support for various loudness-related displays
  • + Media item lanes: support tcp.lanelabel element in WALTER, to display the name of the currently-playing fixed lane (not visible in default theme, yet)
  • + ReaScript/JSFX: extend gfx.getchar() to return discrete unicode values when available
  • + Render: improve tab order around output format configuration
  • + Track grouping: items on edit-grouped tracks follow mouse-click take selection changes [t=274295]
  • + Vertical zooming: overhaul, allow more fractional zoom state
  • # IDE/gfx.getchar: more windows international keyboard support fixes
  • # Localization: fix localization of column names in context menu
  • # Media item lanes: action to copy razor edit area to first playing lane does not move edit cursor
  • # Media items: fix copying items when moving vertically with snap enabled [
  • # Render wildcards: fix case conversion for some latin-extended-A characters [p=2629080]
  • # Zoom: fix action to toggle tracks to maximum zoom if maximum zoom has been customized [p=2628925]
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