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Default Notation - Problem with exporting in musescore gracenotes on first beat of the measur

attach the .xml file and the .rpp file

Mac OS 10.15.7

The gracenotes for the first beat of the measure that are placed at the end of the previous measure in Reaper are not loaded in Musescore or is written in bass clef.

Bfooz explains in the pre-release :

Musescore expects a normal note after a gracenote in the same measure.

- if there is a normal note in the measure after the gracenote, the gracenote is linked to this note, even if that note is on the other staff, and it takes the staff of that normal note.
- if there are no normal notes in the measure after the gracenote, the gracenote is lost

It seems Musescore looks just at the order of the notes written in the xml and does not consider the <backup> element. Dorico handles this alright. I think Musescore should fix this. Because it looses notes in some cases which is never desired.

The pitches are good, it just they are on the other staff they should be and the placement is wrong timewise as well.

This from reaper:

Is loaded like this in Musescore:

Test xml: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z1J...ew?usp=sharing

Possibility of correction by Reaper
Now, on the other hand, what Reaper could still fix (and that would fix Musesore import as well) is the placement of the gracenotes that should be connected to the note at the first beat of the next measure.

I am now talking about the xml export not notation(I can live with the notation as it is but ofcourse it would be much better to have this in the notation as well)

All is neede is to determine when the gracenote is connected to the note in the next measure and move the <note><grace/></note> element to the next measure (considering two staves).

The determination could be based on the midi note ends vs next measure start or next note start.
1) the note must have a gracenote ornament added
2) if gracenote end >= start of next measure then add it to the next measure
3) if gracenote end >= start of the next note that is already added to the next measure then add it to the next measure
4) chain those

So instead of this:

We would get this:
Attached Files
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File Type: xml gracenotes.xml (5.1 KB, 12 views)
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