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Oh thank you so much! I must have missed it before.
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Hi MPL - a question about the spectral edit copy and paste scripts. Can I use them to basically copy a particular spectral edit to different locations within an item and in other items? I've tried and it seems like the paste function does not paste the copied spectral edit at the current cursor location as one might expect. What I want to do is define a spectral edit to deal with a specific recurring noise issue [nasty cymbal hit] and then paste that spectral edit wherever I want, eg where the cymbal hits are, within that same item and other items. In this case, each item is a stereo wav file from an imported already-mastered recording.

at the moment, I've resorted to creating a new spectral edit for each occurrence, using the parameter values from the first edit I created. Very time consuming and not too consistent

any help is much appreciated.
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