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Default @slider section called multiple times when ListBox slider is used


I'm trying to write my first JS plugin for Reaper and I have found strange behavior.
When slider is that of "ListBox" type, @slider section is called multiple times when opening and closing this control, even when no change to value is made.

Following minimal code show this:

desc: MOZO-G Test Slider

slider2:1<0,10,1{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}>Drop Lisr


while ( midirecv( offset, msg1, msg2, msg3 ) ) ( midisend( offset, msg1, msg2, msg3 ); );

Sorry for code insertion, can't see code block option here at this editor.

Reaper v6.03/x64 rev 881187
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Human being with feelings
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Default slider value changed even when not confirmed

I seem to encounter another strange (buggy?) scenario.
When ListBox slider is opened, and value is changed by hovering mouse, then even without confirming selection by mouse click when clicking and opening another slider, previous one reports changed value (even when not confirmed). Quite annoying when using slider which is related to other slider values.

Is there any possibility to filter such events? Is there any additional info reporting how the value has been changed?

Edit: I was able to workaround first post behavior by saving slider states into array, and on change process only if slider value differs from saved value/
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