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Default Routing problem: Track "external" VSTi

I need to relocate a VSI from one track to another track.

In fact the first track is fed by a Midi stream and will do some Midi preprocessing.

Now the modified Midi stream is sent to another track. Here a VSTi will render it to an audio stream.

This audio stream should be sent back to the first track and here some VSTs should do some audio processing on it.

(Right now the VSTi resides in the first track and this works fine, but due to some limitations Kontakt this is not usable any more, hence the VSTi (Kontakt) needs to be relocated.

The plan is to copy the Midi stream to Midi bus 2 at the location the VSTi had been to make it bypass the plugins that follow, and then route Midi bus 2 to the new track (to be on the normal bus again).

Now the VSTi generates audio on multiple stereo audio channels.

The appropriate channel pair should be routed back to the first track (with „MIDI“ set to None) and here reach the VSTs and finally the track output (slider).

I enabled feedback routing in the project settings as the two tracks are interlinked in both directions: one via midi, one via audio.

Nonetheless it does not work. When I try to enable the audio routing, the midi signal stops to be received by the second track.

What am I doing wrong ?

Alternatively maybe I could split the first track in two for the Audio and the midi processing parts.

But here I would need to manage the muting of both of them by LifeConfigs. Lifeconfigs only can mute/unmute a single track for each patch, hence I need to add some functionality for this. Lifeconfigs can fire an action on activating deactivating a track, But I don’t know how to make this mute/unmute a dedicated track (e.g. the one numbered one higher than the track managed by Lifeconfigs.

I once did a script that activates/deactivates a track when I send a CC to it via MidiToReaControlPath. But in fact I don’t remember how to activate a script for that purpose. I guess it’s via some “Learn” mechanism for the CC# (while the parameter denotes the track number). Anyway it would be better to directly use actions fired by Lifeconfigs instead of running back and forth through the track realm and the Control Path for this.


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This seems to scale down to the problem of muting unmuiting pairs of tracks by LiveConfigs,

I seem to need to make LiveConfigs fire an appropriate action both on muting and on unmuting the appropriate tracks. I understand it can do this.

Now it seems not very nice to use completely independent sactions for this and/or simply use the existing actions.

Instaed the goal is to do a scrtipt that mutes or unmutes the next track after the on that that is muted/unmuted by liveConfigs. If the action itself directly defines the track, inserting/deleting a track would break the relation between the two tracks associated with a patch,.

Any idea ?

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