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Default EEL : Console debug messages

Hi !

I just made a very useful script for programming eel, based on spk77 code sniped found on this thread :

"name" variable in RPR_EnumProjectMarkers3

I added conditions to display this messages only if the debug variable is set to 1.

Here is a demo :

To use this script :
  1. Download it on my GitHub -> REAPER-EEL-Scripts/X-Raym_Functions - console debug messages.eel at master · X-Raym/REAPER-EEL-Scripts
  2. Place it on your script folders
  3. add this code snippet to your script file :
    /* DEBUGGING ====> */
    @import X-Raym_Functions - console debug messages.eel
    debug = 0; // 0 => No console. 1 => Display console messages for debugging
    /* <=== DEBUGGING */
  4. Use either msg_s, msg_d or msg_f depending on what type of variable datas you want to display (string, double, float)
  5. Adjust debug variable depending on your needs
If you want to test this, you can use one of my script which use it (I will progressively convert all my script to handle this) :
REAPER-EEL-Scripts/X-Raym_Snap all regions to grid.eel at master · X-Raym/REAPER-EEL-Scripts

Now in LUA for REAPER v5 pre-release:
X-Raym_Functions - console debug messages.lua

Happy coding !

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