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Default Render Issues - Settings?

Hi everyone. I'm a Reaper Newbie with a few issues that have been plaguing me since using Reaper, but the same issues I have experienced using Cubase. So I am obviously doing something wrong but can't work out how to fix the issue.
Here it is... I record a guitar track and then a vocals track and everything sounds great, however when I Render the project I lose all the effects... which is strange as all the effects are clearly audible inside Reaper (and Cubase for that matter), but the Rendered song comes out dry...
I am only using a little Reverb on the vocals and reverb with maybe a little delay on the guitar.
I am using a Steinberg UR 242 audio interface (hence my involvement with Cubase).
When I installed Reaper, I downloaded the current drivers for the interface and that cured all the fizzes, crackles and pops I used to experience and wonder what the hell was going on?? I thought voltage spikes in my power supply...
There seems to be some sort of FX Bus within the interface (??) that gives a lovely reverb...
I have put a send on the vocals and guitar to a reverb fx separately, but when I try to Render the song I lose all effects and end up with a dry result.
So to offset this loss of effect I up the reverb to a ridiculous amount, so that in Reaper the reverb is booming as if inside a drum... but Rendering still loses 75% of the reverb and I am still not getting the result of my original recording.
Can anyone please give me a suggestion and or a solution. This is ruining my creative process as I spend days and days of frustration trying to simply Render my song that sounds perfect inside the DAW but comes out dry in Rendering.
Cheers and thanks in advance

I am using MacBook Pro running 10.13.6

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If the reverb is done within the interface, it could be the case, that the reverb itself is not recorded in the process.

That means, the reverb would be added to your monitoring output only, not the actual recording in the first place. So Reaper hears something different from what you hear, if I got your description right.

But I haven't used a Steinberg-interface yet so I'm just wildly guessing.
Maybe there's a description in the manual, which tells you, how to add the reverb to the actual sound that Reaper/Cubase hear as well?
Use you/she/her, when contacting me, please. Thanks :) Not mentoring via PMs, sorry.
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Thanks for your reply... Might have to start reading up the manual.
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