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Default New: Stealth & Stealth GT Themes

A WIP of a WIP… Based on the WIP of the Default_5.0_HiDPI theme.

Special Thanks
  • @White Tie, Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and wisdom (and the tasty / priceless bread crumbs in the default rtconfig)!
  • @Never, Thank you for your BT / QC and many kind words of support over the past few years! I look forward to seeing what you create!
  • @lucas_LCS, Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions!
  • @cubic13, Thank you for the MIDI note color map (that I borrowed for your theme)!

Disclaimer 1 HiDPI themes are experimental in REAPER and not everything has been implemented. Things will change.

Disclaimer 2 Although based on the HiDPI WIP, I designed these themes to work on my 27” PC monitor (1920x1080) and 15” laptop (1366×768), using Windows 10. I like things big and clear and don’t generally need to do large projects.

*My Goal was to create a simple / stripped-down REAPER theme. With a slick look and some fun added for good measure. Designed for my style, needs and preferences...

*I hope these themes can be useful for some REAPER users or at least give some ideas for your own creation. Let me know if you have any thoughts / ideas for layouts, etc...

  • I wanted to not have to sit on top of my monitor while recording.
Square / Sharp
  • It looks cleaner & clearer to me. The norm is to round off everything...
Efficiency & Consistency
  • I wanted to use the same elements, spacing, alignments and arrangements in the TCP / Master TCP & MCP / Master MCP layouts wherever possible. I love efficiency & consistency... Or, maybe just OCD!

    *The themes are very light-weight.
  • I like playing with transparency in the elements / outlines & backgrounds and how that affects the look & feel of the session depending on the choice of color selected and desired mood.

  • Two dark themes that share the same basic features and layouts.
  • The ‘GT’ version swaps volume faders for slot cars.
    (Click here if you’re too young to remember:
  • Inactive elements are subdued with borders that are highlighted upon mouse-over. Active elements have rich / bold colors.
  • A default gray color for the track / media item backgrounds with the option to get color crazy if desired.
  • In REAPER Preferences you can turn on / off: Tint track panel backgrounds & Set track label background to custom track colors.
    (Options > Preferences > Track control panel settings)
  • Minimal text (meters / track labels / toolbars / timeline / transport…).
  • Minimal background variations, shadows and subtle grid lines.
  • 10 volume fader / slot car colors for TCP / MCP & MCP Strip layouts.
  • Master TCP & Master MCP have layouts matching the corresponding TCP & MCP layouts.
  • Designed to always have the Width control visible (Project Settings > Advanced > Pan mode: Stereo pan or Dual pan).
  • Designed for text toolbars. Main toolbar space will fit 16 double-wide or 36 standard size text actions.
  • Color-coded Automation modes.
  • Change meter colors in the theme development/tweaker.
  • Separator layout for TCP & MCP.
  • Compact / Minimal MCP Strip layouts for smaller resolution displays (or less elements & more meter for larger resolution displays).
  • Additional Transport layout without selection for smaller resolution displays.
  • No Rate control on the transport.
  • No Input FX / Record mode on the track layouts.
To Do
  • There are some elements themed with placeholder images (waiting for some inspiration or suggestions!).
  • There are some elements that have been themed but haven’t been updated to HiDPI yet. They look like standard size REAPER elements.
  • There are some elements that haven’t been themed yet. They will fall back to White Tie’s original elements (Media Item buttons). Some of which haven’t been updated to HiDPI yet.
Update 3/2/19
  • Updated TCP & MCP Separator Backgrounds
  • Updated ENVCP Backgrounds
  • Updated the 'Transport Record Item' / 'Transport Record Item on' elements
  • Updated the 'Mixer Menu' element for Master MCP
  • Updated the 'Track Fx Norm' element
*I wanted all of the inactive record arm elements to stand out from the other elements so I went to work...
Updated the colors / transparency and backgrounds for:
  • 'Transport Record' element
  • 'Transport Record Item' element
  • 'Transport Record Loop' element
  • 'Track Recarm Off' element
  • 'Track Recarm Auto' element
  • 'Table Recarm Off' element
  • 'Track Stereo' element for Master TCP / MCP
  • 'Gen Stereo' element
Update 3/3/19
  • Added 'Strip Meter' Layouts for MCP / Master MCP
  • Flipped horizontally: 'Track Stereo' / 'Track Mono' / 'Gen Stereo' / 'Gen Mono' elements
Update 3/4/19
  • Lightened all of the track backgrounds (main background behind the track elements).
    (*This was the missing piece, like a blanket being lifted off of the theme!)
  • Shortened / changed some of the layout names in the rtconfig
Update 3/7/19 Progress...
  • Reworked Transport / background
  • Reworked the ENVCP backgrounds
  • Reworked Separator backgrounds
  • Fine-tuned (darkened) all Main backgrounds (not track backgrounds...)
  • Fine-tuned (darkened) element backgrounds
  • Went a little brighter with the VU meter color (adjustable in the theme development/tweaker)
  • *Updated (brighter) color chart:
Update 3/8/19 Victory...

*I've been trying to get this flat / satin black effect for the backgrounds listed below. After trial & error (mostly error!) I have finally succeeded! B)
  • Reworked / fine-tuned colors for:
  • Transport element backgrounds
  • Transport status background
  • Track labels
  • Volume backgrounds
  • Meter backgrounds
  • All dark element backgrounds
  • Outline for all track backgrounds
  • Arrange background / grid lines
  • Reworked the pan / width knob colors to make them pop out more
  • Reworked Fx rack elements
Update 3/10/19 Options...
  • *Updated Color Chart:

*Somehow deleted the themes off of the stash again! B)

Update 3/11/19
  • Reworked Strip Meter layouts - Now full meter / no other elements
  • Updated (brighter) default gray - track / Item background
  • Updated transport record elements
  • Updated envcp arm off element
  • Updated table recarm off element
Update 3/14/19 Fine-tune...
  • Added shadow overlays for TCP / MCP / ENVCP & Transport elements
  • Adjusted TCP / MCP / GEN 'vol zeroline' / 'pan zeroline' colors
  • Adjusted all fader / slot car center line colors
  • Reworked 'gen volthumb' / 'gen panthumb' elements & backgrounds to work better with non-themed backgrounds
  • Reworked 'track fx' elements
  • Reworked 'track phase inv' & 'gen phase inv' element colors
  • Reworked 'transport record item' elements
  • Reworked 'track monitor' element outlines
  • Reworked all global / track / gen envelope element outlines
  • Reworked 'envcp learn on' & 'envcp parammod on' element outlines
  • Reworked 'Strip fader' layouts to be more like the 'Strip' layouts (and the TCP layouts)
  • Reworked Strip Meter layout to become Strip Minimal layout
  • Reworked layout names in rtconfig
Update 3/21/19
  • Reworked all of the 'Strip' layouts
  • Removed transparency from volume backgrounds (fader / slot car travel lines)
  • Added subtle 'tire tracks' on volume backgrounds for GT theme
Update 3/29/19 Light at the end of the tunnel...
  • Changed all automation / envelope mode images (global / track / gen) to 'E' (from 'A')
  • Changed color of 'envcp arm on' image to match color of 'env write' mode images
  • Changed color of 'global off' image
  • Changed color of 'recarm norec' / 'recarm auto norec' images to green
  • Redesigned the three 'track monitor' images (headphone dude)
  • Designed 'monitor fx' images (effects rack)
  • Flipped horizontally - track stereo / mono & gen stereo / mono images
  • Darkened VU meter green in Theme development/tweaker
*I created an additional version of each theme that only allows for a strip of the chosen color to be shown in the track panel background. PM me if interested...



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