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Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
Sorry, took a while before I noticed this. Is this on the latest version (0.76)?

Yes, and how I can add my Instruments/Fx to the menu so they would work?
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F10 opens the list of effects. You can enter them there. It's a pain in the ass once, but you only need to do it when you add more effects. Advantage is that you can nest them like so:

FXlist = {
  Instruments = {
    Synth = {
  Effects = {
Pay close attention to the commas, they are needed.

If you just want to take the plugin for a spin, you can also do shift + right mouse button, which will just give you the categories as they are currently set in reaper. Then you can at least see if you like or dislike this workflow, before you put in the effort of listing your effects.

As for the error, please update to v0.77. There was indeed a bug. Thanks for catching it!
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