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Originally Posted by TonE View Post
Regarding numbers already avaiable, maybe following implementation strategy could be interesting:
1- keeping all numbers as it is now (trigger numbers 1 or 0)
2- adding probability numbers as smaller red number in right bottom corner (Example: 0.78, or shorter saving some space .78, two decimals after comma should be enough for the probability precision I guess)
3- if probability is set to 1, this small number should not be displayed
4- implementation could use a multiplicative form current number (current_number: 1 or 0 only I guess, current_number * probability, if probability is not 1)
5- for saving strategy of those numbers, I am sure master saike, you will find best way (some multi-dimensional state-array maybe?)
Christmas has come early for you TonE. I just implemented probabilistic triggering in both SEQS and MIDI Arp.

In MIDI arp it's bound under scrollwheel (since there the blocks have no "settings" anyhow).

In SEQS it's bound to ctrl + scrollwheel. Note that I've also added a more informative tooltip if you forget.

Because there's not that much space and I didn't want to crowd the blocks unnecessarily, you can see the probability at a glance from how "full" the block is.
Please let me know if you find any bugs. I had to encode it in a bit of a funky way (bitmask yay), because I didn't want to add an additional array of data.
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