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Default CTRL S: save project, not save fx chain

this one bugs me sometimes.

when i hit CTRL S, i only ever want Reaper to save the current project.
however, if my last click was in the track FX panel, a dialog box for "Save FX chain" pops up.

in the actions panel, i did a search on what action was linked to CTRL S.
"save project" is the only action connected to CTRL S, not "save FX chain."

i'm not trying to save the FX chain, i'm trying to save my project.
since i use reaper as an vst(i) host for my MPC projects before i track them into reaper, i spend almost all my time in the track FX panel working on vstis.

there's no point of having a hotkey to save if i have to first click away from the FX panel in order to use the hotkey.

NOTE: if i assign this action to another hotkey/midi note, it doesn't matter whether or not the FX panel was last selected.
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Drives me nuts too
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be good to have it as a separate command.
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hehe, yeah me too.
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+1, let me passthrough key shortcuts from fx chain to main window please

- Mario
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+1. I'd even call it a "real" bug, as it hinders my workflow.
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Agreed, this sucks.
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Does this have a FR yet? It's small things like this that hinder workflow. Drives me crazy!
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