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Default Exchange toolbar icons from themes?

Hey guys,

I want to use the toolbar icons from one theme for another. So I extracted the theme with the toolbar icons i need and copied the icons into the other themes (extracted) folder. After that i compressed the theme i want to use and removed the zip attachment to open it in reaper (i wasn't sure if this is the right way to use the theme again after extracting it). but as soon as i click on the theme it opens up a completely different theme ...

I also tried copying the icons into the reaper data/toolbar icon folder. but this doesn't seem to work for the ripple edit button.

thnx 4 the help in advance
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First, you don't need to manually zip your themes. You can just point Reaper to the theme folder in the Theme Tweaker. Second, as I recall, toolbar buttons with more than two states are not in the same folder as the others. Try putting it in your base folder your ColorThemes. Finally, try pointing Reaper to the exact folder you have all your theme content in via the ThemeTweaker after you load the theme and then save it again (could be referencing the wrong one for the theme you have loaded). This will create the compressed theme file for you.
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hm i still have the same problem. doesn't matter if i open it via theme tweaker as soon as i change one icon from the the toolbar and replace it with a icon with from another theme and try to reopen the theme it opens a different theme called classic_1.x (which isn't even on my mac anymore o.O)...

ok i made it work somehow, i don't know how exactly ... but it works

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