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Default Reaper HiDPI scaling


I have just tried installing Reaper on my work laptop right now which is 14" 1440p and noticed that it looks really bad, like unusably bad.

I am at the moment running Windows at 150% scaling and 99.9% of the apps work well together with this even on multiple monitors. This made me kind of worry because I have just bought a 32" 4K display and it's on my way to me at the time of writing

Is this something to be fixed in the next releases and what are the technical caveats that might be holding it back at the moment? I understand that this is not the easiest to do, but it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for all the answers!!!
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You can go to preferences/general/advanced to enable HiDPI awareness, which will make everything small.

If you check out the pre-release forum, you can get:

- The Default_5.0_hidpi theme, which will make the TCP/MCP/etc large.

- A preview of the Default 6.0 theme, which has some larger windows.

- Some pre-release builds which have better HiDPI support (including better scaling of themes, drawing of elements, etc). These builds tend to be relatively stable but you should definitely test them a lot before using them in productions.

Note that plug-ins which are not HiDPI aware will look small regardless of what theme or REAPER build you are using.

Hope this helps!
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Let me try that all real quick, thank you!
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