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Default Default Metronome sound

Hi, i don´t really like the metronome sound on Reaper, i made one for me that i would like to use for every project. I have a default template that i made and i have set this new metronome sound but for older projects i have to do all one by one . I don't believe that there is a reaper setting for this in the preferences, if it exists please tell me. If not i´ll move this to FR section.

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The Reaper metronome is wrong. Yes it is wrong. It goes right the oposite it should go.
The strong part should sound higher pitched. Just think of a drum head. The harder you beat it the higher it sounds because the drum head tightens.
Yes, I may set the metronome to BAAA which is what I always do. It bothers me a bit.
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This has come up before, and though you may customize the metronome with any sound source and level you like, AFAIK there is still no way to apply the changes retroactively.

So I guess it's a FR.
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Reaper project file example:

VOL 0.249564 0.062709
FREQ 1600 1200 3
PATTERN 2863311530 2863311529

You could copy these lines from the project where you have your favorite settings to the old project to replace what was there and you would be good to go. If this is any faster than making the settings inside Reaper and then saving the project depends and you would still have to do it separately for each old project.

Possible global metronome settings have been discussed few times in the past. The main concern against has been the danger of losing your old project specific settings. To avoid that, the global settings can't be applied automatically to all projects. So you would have to be able to save and load these metronome settings separately when needed. The project default settings are already saved into Reaper ini, e.g for the metronome like this:


So something like "Use default project settings" button somewhere in the metronome window?
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