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Default Subproject follows Main Project Video

Here's the scenario:

Working on mixing a film, where a complicated effect happens on screen that requires precise syncing (think cannon fire or monster footsteps or what have you). Right now, I'll add a bunch of tracks within the same project in various track folders, and when I finish the effect they'll be left alone to be scrolled through or hidden, frequently making projects a long scrolling mess.

It seems that subprojects are an ideal way to handle this, however the rub is that the video doesn't follow to the subproject, so you can't sync things while you're making them. You can make the subproject the length of the film, dragging the video in every time, but you can potentially be rendering an hour and a half of silence every time you create/save a subproject. Moving the in and out points inside the subproject requires re-syncing withe the main project afterwards, so it's not a very elegant solution.

Did a search and it seems a few people have had this problem, but there doesn't seem to be a good solution on hand.

Feature Request: The ability to play video from the main project while working inside of a subproject to maintain sync. Would be huge for post-production.
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Huge +1 for this. This is something that has been requested many, many times now.
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Please please +9

This would also need allow the cursor to sync between main and subprojects while stopped so the picture is in sync when stopped.
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Huge +1 for this. This will be a great value addition for sound designers too
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absolutely needed, please
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