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Default MIDI event list properties destroys events (FIXED)

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open MIDI editor, add a note (say middle C)
2. Add some CC #1 points in the CC lane
3. Open Event List and open MIDI filter
4. Filter by Control Change
5. Select all CC events
6. Right-click, open Event Properties
7. Change all these CC events to poly aftertouch events belonging to middle C
8. Apply the changes

Result: these events disappear, conversion to poly aftertouch events fails hard. This doesn't happen if MIDI filter is disabled, apparently (but then this makes filtering MIDI CCs and converting them to poly AT events extremely difficult - and we have no other sane way of editing poly AT events in Reaper... See the first link in my signature for the best possible solution! )

What gives?

EDIT: Seems that doing any event properties changes when the filter is active has destructive tendencies and it just removes those events when applying the property changes! Pretty, pretty bad.

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