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Default os.execute in REAPER script under Wine.

I am probably doing something pretty stupid, as I'm pretty new to Lua.

I have a small bash script I'd like to run from a custom REAPER command, (it's for cleaning up a student user directory when they've inevitably sprayed files all over the place, as they are wont to do).

I'm running REAPER under WINE in Linux, and all my other .lua scripts work fine, but when I try to call os.execute("sh ~/MyScript.sh") nothing happens.

I checked the return value on os.execute("sh ~/MyScript.sh") and it's coming back nil, though it returns 'true' if I run other commands, such as os.execute("echo test-value")

When I run direct from the terminal, it works just fine, so I don't think the fault lies in the script itself but how I'm calling it. Also, works just as intended on OsX, so this could be my being dumb about Linux.

Here's a highly-simplified version of the entire script:

--Test Script for os.execute Reaper on WINE
--Command as written runs in terminal, but fails in a REAPER script.

local function Msg(str)
--quick debug message

Msg(os.execute('sh ~/MkDirMvFiles.sh'))

--Gets the path seperator, which tells us whether Lua thinks she's in Windows or Unix. Returns "/" rather than "\" on Wine, so Unix?
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- I'd include the shell script anyway just in case
- For better readability on the forum, you can put code inside [ code ] and [/ code ] tags (remove the spaces) or use the # button in the post editor (I think it has to be in advanced mode or something... it gives you buttons for bold, underline, center, bullets, etc)
- Not sure if Linux needs something similar, but for Windows you need to make sure that sh's root folder is part of the system path to be able to call it from anywhere you want as opposed to c:/shellscript/bin/sh
- Regarding the last line of your Lua script, AFAIK all three OSes will play happily with / as a separator, so you shouldn't have to worry about it. Mac and Linux use / I believe, and Windows doesn't even care if I mix the two: c:\users\me\appdata/roaming\REAPER/scripts\lokasenna/testing.lua.
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Try the following:
Every command in your shell-sript should include the absolute path to the command. See if that works.
With the windows version of os.execute, I've seen the problem occuring, that no environment-variables were set in the "command-line-instance" executed by os.execute. That way, no command could be found that wasn't part of cmd.exe.
Maybe that is the same problem on Linux.

You can also check out:
which is Reaper's own execute-function.

SWS also has one, called reaper.BR_Win32_ShellExecute(). It is only available, when you have SWS installed, though.
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