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Default Anybody interested on teaming up?

Hey Guys. I've been running Boz Digital Labs as a one man show for about 4 years now. I've been at the point for a while now where I realized I can't really grow without bringing on more people.

I'm curious to know if anybody would be interested in teaming up on a couple of plugins. It doesn't have to be a full time gig if you have other things you are doing as well.

I don't have all the details worked out yet, I'm just putting feelers out there to see what kind of interest there would be.
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It is not clear if you want to hire someone or to partner on few plugins. I would be interested for partnership but I am not sure how much free time I have for that.
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Doing a partnership would be cool. I would definitely be up for doing that (if anyone wants me).

All of the "Gentleman Edition" stuff from Tokyo Dawn Labs appears to be pretty successful for the individual developers.

I guess the trick would be to figure out things like:
- license of source code between developers (e.g., if someone contributes some awesome filter library, are others allowed to use the source for their own stuff)
- How would roles be equally divided, so that...
- Any income would be appropriately divided by what people have contributed and worked on

There would be tons of other stuff like web hosting, website maintenance, blah blah; however, I think those 3 points above are what I always think about when I fantasize about a plugin company that is actually viable.
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Old 03-11-2018, 06:01 PM   #4
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I'm also very interested! I should have plenty of time in the coming months.
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I have watched your company with interest. Being a small operation and seeing the products you have developed has been an inspiration. This sounds like an awesome opportunity. I wish i was further along in my knowledge of DSP programming.....I will keep plodding along in my free time between work and family.
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I am also interested in teaming up / partnership. I can contribute in the following areas:

- Graphic design (this is my main area of expertise. See my portfolio here

- Sound design (I have contributed factory presets for various Tone 2 synths, Rob Papen Predator 2, Dune 2, MPowerSynth, etc.)

- Beta testing

- Demo track (

- Web design and development

- Demo video creation

I have plenty of programming experience in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. Studied C/C++ in my computer degree course a long time back. Need to brush up. Also looking into various frameworks like JUCE, WDL-OL, etc.

Anyone interested please PM me or drop an e-mail to satyatunes [at]yahoo[dot]com
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