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Default Embedded custom fonts without Cairo

Hi there,

I'm wrapping my head around the idea to implement a simple custom (ttf) font inclusion baked directly into the plug-in resources (instead of installing the fonts to the system). I know, there is the Cairo stuff, it's great. But on the other hand it seems a little bit oversized to me. Maybe there is already some kind of other implementation ?

What we could do:
- add (e.g. free google) ttf file to the resources, adjust resource.h etc.

- call FindResource
- Load/Lock/SizeofResource
- call AddFontMemResourceEx
-> IPlug CreateFont should find the font now

- include font in the project, how described here:
- or load the file manually how it is done with Bitmaps in LoadImgFromResourceOSX
-> Swells CreateFont emulation could find the font via the existing CTFontCreateWithName
- ???

I'm totally unsure about the OS X part. Before giving it a try, I would like to ask you all, if somebody already tried something similar and if such an implementaion would make sense ? Maybe I missed a thread about it. It's clear that such a simple implementation doesn't support outlined text and many other things.

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