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Edit: oops, forgot the link

I'm giving this a try to see if it can handle the switching of presets without dropouts, and then I can use SWS Live Configs to switch actions...I'm looking to see if there are existing ways to do the PC to CC to individual values of the same CC # so you don't have to spend your time on such utilitarian stuff.

In order to use this same pedalboard to control my other gear, I'd love to leave it set up like this:

Switches 1-5 and switch 10 send CC's (I could use some means (JSFX, actions, some of piz's VST's whatever) to change these to PC messages if need be)

Switches 6-9 send PC's

Two expression pedals are sending CC's

Switches 1-4 and switches 6-9 call up patches, presets, whatever you want to call them
Switch 5 is tap tempo
Switch 10 pops a tuner up on the screen and mutes the output.

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