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Default Running Ninjam Server (on GCloud for now)

Hello, Thanks admin for the approval.

Newb to this.

I've installed Ninjam Server on a free Google Cloud virtual machine (which by the way is not too tricky, (create account -> create project -> create vm instance -> add an ssh public key so as to be able to access it -> oh and add firewall rule so is allowed to connect to tcp 2049 otherwise you'll never be able to connect to ninjam -> follow install instructions on cockos server-guide page for linux to clone repository from git and make)

After figuring out the firewall thing and magically getting in, the first time it worked (in Jamtaba), it just automatically started playing the metronome and seemed to work as intended. I went to sleep. Woke up this morning. And connecting today, it doesn't quite work - it connects, the welcome message is correct, but not all config details seem to make it, BPI is always 8 even tho I configured 4, BPM is always 40. Transmission stays saying "preparing", and it doesn't actually play, so for example the jamtaba looper would always unchangingly say "wait (1)".

Any ideas what could have gone wrong overnight? Is this likely a server thing or a client thing? What's the best way to troubleshoot such things?

Hopefully someone has an answer? Happy to edit this afterwards into something of use FAQ wise

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