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Default icon platform m+ and Reaper

I'm thinking of getting one of these to use with Reaper so I would like to know if anybody is currently using one and how they are getting on?
I was considering an xtouch but this looks more solid but with less buttons
Would I still be able to use my alphatrack in conjuction with it?
Do you really need to use CSI, drivenbymoss4reaper, klinke to get it to work properly or will it function straight out of the box?
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Default works - except some buttons

saw your post by coincidence today only.
Platfom m+ works fine with Reaper in Mackie Controller Mode except:
- zoom buttons
- lock button
- mixer button

I have no idea about the alphatrack, sorry.

So, basic functionality is there, it is solid and it doesn't eat up that much space on my desktop, that's why it is still there.
Transport buttons move cursor to next Marker or Region border, which is quite useful.
I gave up on getting the zoom buttons working with Klinke, Moss etc., which seemed not to be impossible, though.
Honestly, as I use the mouse and especially mouse wheel a lot anyhow, I still move faders mostly by the mouse wheel, too. Thinking it over, this is probably related to the fact, that I don't have the icon screen added (platform D), so for chosing the right fader I have to check with the mixer on the screen anyhow.
I chose this model, as it works well with my touchmix, too, but I wouldn't miss the platform m+ that much, if I had not bought it.
If you go for it, look out for icon platform m+ on youtube, you will find some useful tutorials on how to setup fader speed and one guy (LetiMix) shows how he added a selfmade screen.

cheers Funkydrum
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