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Default A JS Plugin to do polyphonic aftertouch?

I have no experience at all in programming so I'm just asking a question to see if this can be done.

Is there a way to implement a plug that generates polyphonic aftertouch from a MIDI controller/keyboard that doesn't have it? I don't know too much about P.A., but I've always wanted a little more control over indiviual keys of my controller. Most MIDI controllers available today don't have that feature. Since you guys who code JS are always coming with wonderful and new implmentations, I'm just asking is it possible.

Channel/Assignable aftertouch is different and NOT what I am referring to here. If you play a chord on a controller with channel/assignable aftertouch the only MIDI message that is outputted for is from the key that is pressed the hardest. When you press the same chord with polyphonic aftertouch a different aftertouch message is sent out for each key.

I understand that this would introduce LOTS of MIDI data & is hard to control but that's not really my care/concern. I remember playing with a friend's Roland A-90 (hooked up to a roland jv sound module) back in the days and it was just marvelous cause it just FELT like you were getting more expression out of MIDI cause there was that additional message being sent out of the controller.
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I don't know anything much about aftertouch but I would have thought that if your controller doesn't support it then there's not much you can do. We can send any kind of MIDI data we want (except sysex), so we could easily generate aftertouch messages but how would you actually control it without appropriate hardware? I can think of a couple of possibilities:

1. Have a window of time, maybe 50-100ms, where pressing a note a second time would send aftertouch based on the velocity of the second hit. You'd need to filter the note-off for the first hit but that's easy enough.

2. If you had an on/off kind of controller pedal, you could switch into 'aftertouch mode' when the pedal is on and again use note velocities as aftertouch.

I don't think either of those would lend themselves to an easy and natural playing style though.
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Default We may be on to something here....

From this thread....http://forum.cockos.com/newreply.php...reply&p=176141

Originally Posted by mbncp View Post
Little script that converts channel pressure to key pressure on the last note pressed.

You need a keyboard that sends aftertouch, thought it's easy to change the code using a CC instead.

A CC is used to keep pressure to the current key, so a new note won't steal pressure assignement. I'm using a foot pedal for this.

Then you need a synth that supports Poly Aftertouch and I don't think there are too many of them.
I tested using Independence Pro 2.0, but Independence Free should do as well.
Just add a poly aftertouch modifier and assign it to volume,pan,pitch,filter (freq or resonance). It's also possible to control an LFO, a Free Envelope or a Step Modulator (need to add them first).
Also with Inde you can assign the modifier to a specific layer, could be a way to bring to the front a single note of a section from the background.
I haven't tried this out yet..but I'll try it when I get back home!! It's shoveling time here LOL. This may be just it
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You could use one key to represent polyphonic aftertouch for another key?

E.g. octave 2 can be used as Polyphonic aftertouch for octave 1. All "Note On" coming from Octave 2 just needs to be changed to Polyphonic Aftertouch-messages instead of Notes... (and note offs should be filtered out)

I'm not sure how easy it would be to play with but it'll probably work.
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