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Default The "Record: disabled" record mode misnomer - isn't this about input monitoring?

I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable putting tracks into record so I can have the input monitoring permanently on.

It makes it very difficult to follow what's armed & what's not in a session.

Record arm means you're gonna record - but this has nothing to do with recording, so it doesn't feel right to arm the track.

To a new user it's also unintuitive, since you would never look in "Recording" or think of arming a track if you only wanted to monitor it.

With the fantastic low latencies we're getting it is now practical to monitor full-time our external MIDI hardware or effects units. So it would be more obvious to be able to set that in monitoring and then hit Record when ready, rather than changing the record mode.

I'm not saying to remove the current mode for those who use it(I'm not selfish!) but I think it would be very sensible to add an "Input Monitoring: Always" mode for both MIDI & Audio.

I'd also definitely say that the "Tape Style" term is not useful to the many people who never used tape. Those who did will still know what it means if you give it a more descriptive term.

"Input Monitoring: When Record Armed"
"Input Monitoring: When Record Armed - not during playback" (or "except in playback")
"Input Monitoring: Always" <the new addition
"Input Monitoring: Never" (or "Off")

It's a monitoring thing! It can't be about record if it's never going to record!

You'll find support for this here

(Justin - I promise I'm not doing these to give you extra work, it's really about helping to make things clearer, especially for new users. Good news is I'm fast running out of nit-picks!)
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yeah i would love two independent buttons here too (cubase like). one for record (the current) with its options. and one for monitoring with its options. much better.
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