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Chester Desmond
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Default Midi learn/channel questions

Hi. I'm hoping to get an understanding of how Reaper handles midi channels with learned controls.
Whenever I learn a knob on a vst it is always tied to the midi channel it was learned on. I want to find a way to use any midi channel or easily change all the mapped controls to a new channel.
For an example I mapped all of the knobs on a synth vst on ch. 1; I'd like to use a second instance in a project and switch control by changing the midi channel on my controller.
There seems to be no way to accomplish this short of relearning all the controls on different channels. It seems this is on a level that is not accessible (reaper control track I think it is?). The "only active when track is selected" option is another possible solution but not really my workflow.
Any ideas would appreciated
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