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Default Dropouts in render w/Izotope RX5 De-noise

Hi guys,

I'm stumped with this one.

A few months ago, our weekly mp3 started rendering with dropouts. The dropouts are random and can last for a few seconds, to a few minutes, to the rest of the file. These dropouts occur in about 95% of our renders, and it appears to be at completely random times. Dropouts occur in both MP3 and WAV renders.

The time at which the dropouts occur can vary, even with the same project. I can begin a render, then when a dropout occurs, cancel and re-render, and the dropout happens in a different place in the file.

We don't get any dropouts when we turn off the iZotope RX 5 Dialogue De-noise VST plugin. I've tried both the VST and VST3, and both exhibit the same behavior.

The weird thing is the dropouts started happening all of a sudden with no software changes (that I'm aware of), other than perhaps a Windows 7 update.

We're currently using REAPER v6.04, but this has been happening in previous versions. I've reinstalled/upgraded/downgraded Lame, iZotope, and REAPER to no avail.




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