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Default REAPER deleting media items on some undos

On REAPER 5.96 in Win 10 the program sometimes deletes the media items after undoing an action. Just reverted to REAPER 5.95 - same problem.

It doesn't always do it, but here's an example.

Select a track, adjust an FX, undo the change with the FX window still open and media items on the track will disappear. Redoing the undo does not restore the items. The only way to get them back is to close REAPER without saving the project and re-open.

This has happened about 10 to 20 times over three editing sessions, total about 6 hrs.

Not sure if this is relevant, but I've been using Waves plugins when this has happened - RComp, REQ, RChannel and RBass.

EDIT: Seems to only occur with VST3 Waves plugs ... 64 bit VSTs seem OK.

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