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Default Winamp visualisations in reaper video

Reaper used to be able to use Winamp visualisation plugins, but the feature was removed.

In the Reaper video processors there are oscilloscopes etc.

Is there anyway to use Winamp visualisations ( Specifically AVS / CHAVS ) in Reaper Videos ? I guess not loading directly, as that has been removed, but translating a AVS superscope to a eel equivalent etc. ?
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Lightbulb ...or maybe MilkDrop presets?

Obviously this is basically just a feature request, but this would be really cool...

I don't know much about Winamp's AVS format, but what about projectM? I've achieved some decent visualizer effects with the built-in oscilloscope and other Video Processor magic, but just imagine native support for MilkDrop/projectM presets! Considering projectM is open-source, maybe implementation wouldn't be too difficult?
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Reaper can't do much, but it can do simple bars as visualization.

Put a JS plugin called "Sample Peeker" on the track which has the audio you want to visualize.

Create a new track and add the "Video Processor" plugin. Use one of these presets:

With some fiddling around you should be able to get something nice. I've been making some youtube videos using this method:
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