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Default Record the Output of Garageband in Reaper

Perhaps you folks can help: Our Team collaborates remotly to make music with REAPER. Works like a charm. One of our Guitar players wants to use the Garageband Amp and Cabinett Simulations and there has problems to switch to reaper.

He ended in exporting his recordings to wav which I imported but despite him recording with click (a mixdown of the reaper project with click-track) his recordings would not line up with the rest- the are faster and have to be streched to match...

We were wondering if there was the possibility to set up Amp and Cab simulators in Garageband and record the output in Reaper while at the same time hear the monitoring in Reaper (effectivly using Garageband as an effect...) Is the "soundflower" app something that would help here or the aggregate device function in MACs?

As I dont own a MAC myself I cannot try... Can you help me? Thanks.
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Yeah, for routing audio between different applications, you'll usually need the help of a virtual audio extension like BlackHole, Soundflower or Loopback:


As a general side note: the 'free' version of Loopback (the successor of Soundflower) is limited:
Originally Posted by Loopback webpage
Note: Before purchase, the quality of audio passing through Loopback's virtual devices will be degraded after 20 minutes.
So I'd recommend to have a look at the free options BlackHole and Soundflower first.

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Blackhole is well maintained and simple to use.
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Use the SAME sample rate in GB and Reaper, shouldnt be an issue.

THIS is what is wrong from what you are saying. Im guessing he is at 48khz and you are at 44.1 khz
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