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Default Coloured border around tracks

As you may know I'm working away on the Control Surface Integrator project.

It would be nice to have visual feedback from Reaper as to where your are navigation wise.

These screen shots indicate how this is currently accomplished: https://forum.cockos.com/showpost.ph...postcount=1223

It's WAY too obvious and clobbers any track custom colours.

I would like to have a simple outline/border instead of the total colouration shown in the link.

Any Walter Wizards know what to do here ?
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Hi.Speak english bad.May be this (layout default)
Attached Images
File Type: png mcp_bgsel.png (2.2 KB, 198 views)
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Geoff it would be great if you could maybe emulate the way Cubase does this. It is just a line on the bottom of the relevant tracks. Maybe easier to achieve, although I am no theme expert. Can put up an image if you need.
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what I do is edit the sel png files for the TCP and MCP

you need to experiment a bit depending on how a given theme works... and pay attention to how it is using the special pink on those pngs... [so good to safe out a copy of the original that you can always get back to...]

I also prefer that TCP and MCP tracks, when selected have a border of white or some other color [orange can be good or even red]... Most times a 1 pixel line will work fine... sometimes a 2 pixel line works better...

so dig out photoshop [or whatever] and make your own
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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I thought about a way of indicating control surface controlled tracks too when modding Klinke MCU and came to the conclusion there's currently no satisfying solution because a dedicated graphical control surface indicator element which could be used for this is missing in Reaper currently.

The photoshop approach wouldn't work in this case I think because it's about dynamic layout changing.

So we could 'abuse' one the the currently existing elements for it (track colors, track icons, track layout ...) problem as said in the first post, it all messes with custom users settings as these elements are actually meant to be used for something else.

Someone (more experienced in themeing and graphical stuff in Reaper) may correct me... Can things like borders around TCP / MCP be added / removed dynamically ?

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