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Default new innovative auto punch in

hi there,

let me begin by making clear that i am aware about reapers normal auto-punch-in methods. i also used the search function and read all threads that looked relevant about auto punch-in, but could not find any information for my feature request.

this thread is not about recording one take and then automatically punch in at the same beginning for the second take.

okay let's start!

imagine you're going to record your voice but no recording engineer is there :/
because your verse is very complicated you have to split it into four sections.
after every take of each different section you have to step back from the mic, go to your daw, punch in and go back to your mic. you lose all of the feeling and energy from the former take. additionally you changed your standing-position a few inches, so the following take will sound a bit different.
instead of concentrating in our perormance and getting in the mood we are forced to always "r&r" (run and record) ;>
even if we might have the possibility to operate the sequencer at our recording position we would have to break our recordingworkflow.

this is my daily scenario, and i think many in the same situation can follow me.

i think it would be great if we could set several different record-markers (start01/end01 start02/end02 ... ...) for the different punch-ins before we do our recordings.

if startmarker02 would be after endmarker01 it would be simple. but that's not the case.

i want to be able to postion the beginning of my second take shortly before the end of take 1. take one gets recordet till endmarker01 and reaper jumps automatically back to startmarker02 and records take02 etc...

i can't explain it any better :>

imagine how many people could profit from this kind of workflow.

at the moment it might be possible to create something similar by using makros, i'm going to check that out, but nonetheless you would need to use your shortcuts for every different take while recording.

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