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Default new JS effect - paranoia (mangler)!

ok, let's try that again!

paranoia (destructive mangler)

designed to injure your sound in terrible ways. import the included preset library to get a feel for what it can do.


Now included with Reaper


* input gain: gain into processing circuit (doesn't affect dry mix)
* dry out: amount of clean signal to mix in
* wet out: amount of broken signal to mix in

* resampler: aliasing resampler. lower is worse.

* bitcrusher: off disables (including next two controls). on is "normal" mode. on+noisier is a buggy implementation that sounds cool on bassdrums.
* thermonuclear war: bit manipulation pattern. 0 is disabled, anything higher than that and you're on your own. highly material dependent. optimized for 8-10 bitdepth, below 8 and it could get even gnarlier.
* bitdepth: bit reduction, 10-3 bit. lower is worse.

* gate: simple one-knob gate. anything below 50% will leak some ungated signal through. use above 50% when bitcrusher is set to 'noisy' to stop it completely freaking out.

* attitude/love/jive: post-processing filter (off/LP/BP/HP)

this plugin is very material dependent - a lot of stuff is unusable through it, but some stuff just works really well. works best on dynamic stuff like single drum tracks.

feedback and criticism gratefully accepted!
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