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Default How to use assniffer?

Hi All,

Okay, I got this to compile in VisualStudio.Net 2008 / Vista 32bit.

I started to comppile with the error message
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: \sdks\wpdpack\Lib\wpcap.lib

I thought of mentioning that in order to get this to compile,
I had to create a directory under assniffer02/source/sdks/wpdpack/Lib and place the wpcap.lib in this directory.

For some reason, I was unable to change the sniff-> property page->Linker "options" or the C/C++->Additional Include Directories to accept the a different location for the wpcap.lib file. I don't know enough about MS compiler to make the changes.

So I downloaded and install winpcap, the Remote capture Packet tool and started it up.
When I launch assniffer,

C:\Users\admin\Downloads\assniffer02\source\assnif fer\Debug>assniffer .
************************************************** *****************************
assniffer v0.2 alpha, Copyright (C) 2004-2006, Cockos Incorporated
- Patches by Julien Bernard (
************************************************** *****************************

No interfaces found! Make sure pcap/Winpcap is installed.

I started the Remote capture Packet tool but it still did not work.

Can you provide a couple examples syntax Usage:?
What do you use to read the captured file?

Thanks in advance.

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