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Question Strange (bug) behavior of audio controlling video parameters


I found this thread and was wondering why the audio controlling of video parameter doesn't work. I tested it, found it kind of disabled and thought this could maybe be because of serious reasons. But then I found out that audio controlling works under strange conditions. If I activate LFO modulation towards the audio control signal it suddenly starts to let the audio signal thru. Only thing to do is set the LFO strength to zero and the parameter gets modulated only with audio? That's what I thought. The parameter knob moves but no changes will be made. Its the same behavior like the on/off LFO sending values above 0.5 but wont get recognized as "on" rather get recognized as the exact value. So 1 and 0 parameters get values in between.

Is this a bug? Was it intended to be not necessary? Because it could be pretty cool to trigger the new freeze frame preset with a kick drum etc.

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It shouldn't work, at least not reliably. You can use triggering via code though, by using the JSFX video peeker + reading that shared memory (the way the oscilloscope does etc).
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Ahh, just found this. Ran into it last night.
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