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Default Region overlaps incorrectly detected

I've noticed that when adding regions to adjacent sections they often act as if they are overlapping, and you get one on a lower row to the adjacent one in the ruler. This will often be corrected if you shift the edge of the region back and forth manually.

This became an issue in a script I wrote which was for flagging region overlaps, but not adjacent regions.

I had to put this subtraction in to correct it:

if pos < prevend-0.0000000001 then

function CheckRegionOverlapsWithinTime(startpos,endpos)
  local prevend=-1
  local regionsdetected = false
  for i=0, reaper.CountProjectMarkers(0) -1 do
    local retval, isrgn, pos, rgnend, name, markrgnindexnumber = reaper.EnumProjectMarkers(i)
    if pos >= startpos and pos <= endpos then
      regionsdetected = true
      if pos < prevend-0.0000000001 then
        error("Overlapping regions detected. Regions must have gaps between them.") 
        return false
        prevend = rgnend
  if not regionsdetected then
    error( "No regions detected around items.") 
  return regionsdetected
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